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Kingdom : Plantae
Divisio : Spermatophyta
Subdivisio : Angiospermae
Klas : Magnoliopsida
Subklas : Rosidae
Ordo : Geraniales
Famili : Oxalidaceae
Genus : Averrhoa
Spesies : Averrhoa carambola L.

Other Name : Belimbing lingir, belimbing legi (Jawa); balingbing amis, calingcing (Sunda); bhalingbing manes (Madura); carambola (Inggris)

Asal-usul : Indonesia dan Malaysia
Grow in low altitude to 500 m above sea level. High tree 5 - l2 m. Divarication short; skin stem slippery, colored gray-brown or taupe; dense leaf canopy and finned monstrosity; child leaves 2 - ll fruit; cornered branches, feathery soft yellow that is temporary. Sign of the former leaf form protrusion. Child leaves rounded eggs longer, taper, l, 5 - 9 times l - 4.5 cm, towards the end of the axis the larger, blue-green beneath. A series of growing interest in small branches used oxter leaves; floweret; short rod crimson. Tassel flower collected most of the meeting, the length 1.5 - 7.5 cm. Benangsari some flowers with a short stalk and ovary length, some with handles and long benangsari pistil length. Sheath high + / - 4 mm. Crown flowers white or pale yellow with bright purple kecokelatan edge and edge putih.Daun coupled crown in the middle, rounded eggs lengthwise inverted, with the base edge and pale. 5 benagsari front of the leaf crown tereduksi become staminodia. Fruit buni rounded aft, with 4 - 5 a side mengilat smooth and sharp, at the time of young green after dark yellow. Fruit succulent meat, sweet or sour taste, jonquil, length 4 - l3 cm; seed flat; length + / - l cm, color

Require the open, dry land, but the shallow soil water.

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