Monday, August 10, 2009

Annona squamosa L. /Srikaya


Kingdom : Plantae
Divisio : Spermatophyta
Subdivisio : Angiospermae
Klas : Magnoliopsida
Subklas : Magnoliidae
Ordo : Magnoliales
Famili : Annonaceae
Genus : Annona
Spesies : Annona squamosa L., A. asiatica Vahl., A. cinerea Dunal., A. forshahlii DC, A. biflora Moc. & Sesse

Other Name: delima bintang, sarkaja (Madura), sarikaya (Sunda), custard apple (Inggris)


Small bush or tree, 7 m, branching near the ground, brown stem, branches dangle astigmatism. Leaves rounded or egg lengthwise ellipse long, thin, taper tip, base rounded or obtuse, flat edge, feathered surface, the surface on the old green, light green beneath the surface. Flowers small rounded, 2.5 cm long, tip slightly taper, thick beefy, single or double, on the disposition or dealing with leaves leaves, hang, a handle feathered, crown the outside and green colors in the white colors. Fruit pseudo compound, such as the heart shape, the length of 7 - 10 cm, keputihan green, scaly / berjuring (each section contains a pulp and seeds), wax layer, pulp white, sweet taste with coarse, many seeds, ellipse, blackish-brown or black. Seed or cutting. 0 - 100 m dpl

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